First Try at Bread Baking

First try at the idea of what I would do when I retired. A bit late but not too bad

This was “Italian Bread” from an old cookbook to which I added a bit of olive oil, thus, according to the book, making it french bread. It was pretty good, though I didn’t roll the loaf together tightly enough. I hope I didn’t burn out the mixer by kneading it with the dough hook.
Next time I will try a whole grain bread adapted from a recipe used by Marilee that we used to use to make bread for back packing. Any recipe suggestions welcome.


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Professor Emeritus of Political Science
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One Response to First Try at Bread Baking

  1. bruceewright says:

    This week I tried a seeded Jewish rye to go with home-made pastrami. I made one from a recipe that created a sandwich bread. Not what I wanted; too soft. Will try again when I find a better recipe for a more deli-type bread.

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