Raw Milk Yogurt

Today I am trying to make yogurt in the most simple manner I can think of. I am using, as usual, raw milk. But this time, unlike in earlier attempts inspired by Carlene Sanchez at xxxicanana’s webblog <a
I added about half a pint of raw cream to a quart of raw milk and about a quarter of a cup of old yogurt, half my old stuff and half Brown Cow cream on top. I heated it in a sterilized glass jar by simply emerging it in hot water from the tap at about 120 degrees. When the mixture reached 110 degrees i submerged the jar in very slightly warmer water in the bottom of a styrofoam cooler. I intend to let it sit for about 12 hours. From the recipes on read on the net I think I will get a very thin yogurt. If the enemies of raw milk are right perhaps my wife and I will get sick and maybe even die. But I doubt it. I will report on the results tomorrow if I am still alive and well.
Carlene's site:
(I can’t seem to figure out how to put the link here.)

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2 Responses to Raw Milk Yogurt

  1. Angela Trumbauer says:

    So, did it turn out?

    • bruce wright says:

      Yeah. I also tried again, this time never heating it above 110 and putting it in a jar inside a large pot of water in my oven on very low. I had to adjust temperature several times. It was really good this time though a bit too liquid. I am thinking about either leaving out the cream or adding some dry non-fat milk.

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