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Little cooking experiences, including on my new Komodo Kamado.

Smoking fish

I just put king salmon (Scottish farmed so supposedly ecologically sound), steelhead (farmed by who knows) and rainbow trout (farmed again). I have cooked a lot of fish on the KK and smoked some from time to time. This time … Continue reading

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First Try at Bread Baking

First try at the idea of what I would do when I retired. A bit late but not too bad This was “Italian Bread” from an old cookbook to which I added a bit of olive oil, thus, according to … Continue reading

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Raw Milk Yogurt

Today I am trying to make yogurt in the most simple manner I can think of. I am using, as usual, raw milk. But this time, unlike in earlier attempts inspired by Carlene Sanchez at xxxicanana’s webblog <a I added … Continue reading

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